Maram Al-Hidmi is a traditional artist and designer specialized in illumination "Tezhip", based between Jeddah and Amman. Maram holds a Bachelor degree in Islamic Arts and Architecture from Al Balqa'a University (2005-2009), and a Diploma in Interior Design from Al-Quds college (2011). 

 Maram's work and designs are inspired by traditional Islamic art, which adopted her beliefs in its traditional form - being a timeless language and the most qualified visual appearance to reflect the sacred message within Islamic art. 

Maram works using traditional methods and materials, in addition to digital mediums without compromising the originality or principles of the art. Her specialty is in illumination and geometry (patterns and proportional systems). However, she seeks inspiration from a variety of different styles, such as Ottoman and architectural elements and Persian miniature painting. However, if she was asked about her favorite style, it would be the "Mamluk". 

Maram has collaborated with different brands and projects in the region such as, SWEISS Jordan, Features UAE, Sketches Interior Jordan, Irada Wall Decals Jordan and other graphic design projects. 

Being honored, Maram worked with Tiba for reserving "Traditional Islamic Arts" which is one of HRH Princess Haya bint al-Hussein’s charity programs in illuminating the late King Hussein's Quran and Queen Alia's Quran. 

Currently, Maram works as a freelance tutor giving workshops and private classes in traditional arts. Her aim is to spread awareness and build a better and deeper understanding of Islamic arts in general - and "tezhip" in particular - and to help students realize its’ treasured worth. 

Through passion and hardwork, Maram is devoted to evolving her pace, and is constantly pushing herself towards developing her technical and designing skills - exploring and analyzing case studies from different areas.

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